Artwork guidelines

Refer to the guidelines below for the best results. However, if you're not familiar with design programs, attach your artwork to the online Quote Form in whatever format you have so we can give you an accurate quote and then we can help to adjust your artwork into the correct print ready format before going to print.


Print sizes & limitations

Each printing technique has its own print area size and it’s important to pay attention to the specifications before building your artwork. 

Full front and back maximum Print Size (on a M sized t-shirt)

Please view below the maximum sizes allowed for each technique. If a larger printing area is needed for your design, it can still be reached by multiplied prints.

 Full front and back maximum Print Size (on a M sized t-shirt)

Screen Printing: 28cm x 40cm (A2 size available upon request)
Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing:  35cm x 40cm
Transfer Printing: A4 (A3 possible upon request)
Embroidery: on request for full front or back areas

Smaller front & back printable areas sizes (on a M sized t-shirt)

Smaller front & back printable areas sizes (on a M sized t-shirt)

Sleeves: 7 to 11cm wide
Left or right breast: 7 to 11cm wide
Across shoulders: 22 to 28cm wide
Lower back: 22 to 28cm wide
Number on back: 28x30cm maximum (embroidery on request)

For smaller printable areas, all printing techniques (screen printing, embroidery, transfer, cad cut and DTG) are available.
Please note that except for embroidering numbers on the back of a t-shirt it’s necessary to make a request.

Building your artwork 

The quality of the finished result is largely dependent on the quality of the original image supplied wich is why we recommend you supply us either print ready vector artwork (Ai/EPS) or hi-resolution JPEG/PNG files, at least 300dpi and 100% of intend print size. Images from the web are usually no good to use so please avoid! A perfect artwork is bigger than 35(h)x45cm(w) and over 300dpi or vector file. Artwork for black or coloured garments should have a transparent background. Artwork for white garments should have a transparent or white background.

Logos, graphic and lettering

  • Vector based artwork is required for most types of printing. Adobe Illustrator is the preferred program, please save as .ai or .eps files.
  • Ensure any placed images have a resolution of 300dpi and image size should be at least 100% of intended print size.
  • Save all fonts to outlines.

Digital Photographs

  • If you just want a photograph printed then the following formats are acceptable: .psd and .jpg.
  • Image resolution must be 150-300dpi
  • Image size should be at least 100% of the intended print size
  • Save as CMYK (note: this will increase the file size)
  • Tell us the dimensions of the prints if you know them

Web Images when printed

Images taken from websites in general will not be suitable for printing as the quality is very low and the print will be pixelated. Always try to get the original logo or image file in the formats mentioned below. If using Google Images, select Large or Very Large images.


If you have used text, convert all the text to outlines by selecting Type > Create Outlines in Adobe Illustrator. This is very important as it will allow us to view your files as they were designed, instead of having our program convert your fonts to one that is installed. If you can’t convert the text to outlines then make sure you supply us with the appropriate fonts (.ttf or .otf files).

File Sizes

For files of 5MB or less, attach your artwork to the quote form in the relevant print location. If the file size is larger than 5MB then please email it to or alternatively use a programme like Your Send It

Accepted Formats

Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf)

  • Convert all text to outlines
  • Outline all strokes

Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .jpg)

  • Must be 300 dpi 
  • Save as CMYK

Artwork Service

Most of the time we try to help with artwork Free Of Charge but sometimes we have to charge an hourly rate for artwork. We will tell you the exact artwork service cost before proceeding.

Have doubts?

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