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T-Shirt Printing Is A Kornit Breeze!

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T-Shirt Printing Is A Kornit Breeze!

With the rise of social media and the need for businesses to maximise their brand presence, it's no surprise that branded printed T-Shirts are now considered a marketing staple.

Plus, with the advances in printing technology, activity specific T-Shirts have gone from "Hen Do" favourite, to appearing at every trade show, charity event, conference and product launch.

The ideal solution for corporate T-Shirt printing:

If you are looking to amplify an event with printed T-Shirts, the entry level Kornit Breeze comes into it's own. Compact, rugged and designed to combine high end technology and performance. The machine expertly delivers direct to T-Shirt printing. Ideal for eCommerce and ready to go from web to print, the Kornit Breeze can simply be connected to a computer with a USB port and only requires one operator.

T-Shirt Printing Machine

Cost effective T-Shirt printing with the Kornit Breeze:

By printing white messaging onto dark T-Shirts, the Kornit Breeze delivers great results at a great price. Ideal if you need to keep an eye on budgets, especially if your business is exhibiting at a large scale trade show.

T-Shirt printing at shirt notice:

Not only does the Kornit Breeze deliver great results at a cost effective price, it also offers rapid product, great for when a business needs corporate printed T-Shirts in a hurry, which sounds like a strange scenario, but from our experience can occur quite often.

So, there you have it, the Kornit Breeze is the ideal T-Shirt printing machine. Offering businesses affordable and high quality printed T-Shirts worthy of any corporate event or marketing activity.

If you're in need of high quality T-Shirt printing,  click on the button below to contact our expert printing team and tell us your needs.

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