We Work With Responsible Brands

We Work With Responsible Brands

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Our eco-friendly printing processes are committed to preserving an environment free from toxins and unjust treatment of labourers. At Garment Printing we support fair trade by working with responsible brands.

Our promise to keep our planet clean isn’t only a question of using eco-printing techniques such as water-based ink screen-printing. It must also include the workers who make the production of the garments posible, who more often come from developing countries. 

Stanley & Stella is one of the most important T-Shirt manufacturers in the world. Offering full transparency, their motto is “nothing to hide”. 


Stanley & Stella es un fabricante de ropa para personalizar respetuoso del medio ambiente

Being ethical is an undeniable part of their DNA, especially in reference to the textile production in Asia.

Garment Printing customises Stanley Stella products because they respect their workers, helps them to develop new skills, and is constantly improving the work environment.

The change made in choosing these brands depends greatly on our consumers. We want to offer advertising companies and businesses the possibility to associate their brands and those of their clients with a truly sustainable process that benefits both society and the environment.

As member of the FWF (Fair Wear Foundation), Stanley Stella has become one of our favourite suppliers as the FWF makes sure that all the companies and manufacturers comply to the textile industry working standards.


Continental Fair Share - An effort to pay decent salaries in the textile industry

Continental Clothing Co. paga a sus trabajadores bajo el modelo de Fair Share que aumenta un poco el precio de cada prenda y permite añadir un extra a los salarios de los trabajadores. Continental Clothing has a new line of clothing on the market called Fair Share.

The main focal point of this project are the workers’ wages, making sure that the average family in the area earns enough to live in a dignified way. The difference between the two salaries (the new proposal vs. the current) means that the proposed amount of each item will rise and be documented as an independant entity, providing transparency to the transactions.

Now, every worker receives 650 rupees on top of their monthly salary -  a temporary increase whilst the new line is introduced. This is still not considered a fair salary, but we hope that Fair Share is well received and manages to increase this amount even more. All products with the Fair Share label are produced in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) with 100% organic Indian cotton, Fairtrade certified.


Choose Tencel Organic Cotton and Reduce your Impact on the Environment


El tencel o lyocell es una fibra considerada más amigable con el medio ambiente.

 Choose organic cotton, Tencel (made from Eucalyptus wood pulp), canvas or recycled polyester and reduce your impact on the environment. Manufacturers such as Westford Mill are mindful of this. Using organic cotton drastically reduces the consumption of water and doesn’t use GMOs, and best of all, it makes the softest cotton you’re skin has ever felt.


Mantis: Clothing That Lasts

Mantis cree que crear ropa de gran calidad que dure más que el promedio ayudará al medio ambiente


Mantis explains their ethical promise as a way of setting and complying with the highest standards in the production of their garments, taking special care at every stage of production.

The quality is also represented in the durability of the garments, meaning that the long life of the product keeps the brand present in people’s consciousness for longer, results in increased user satisfaction and offers a better return on investment.


Babybugz (Mantis): Eco-Baby Clothing


babybugz de Mantis: Ropa ecológica para bebé

Mantis has a number of clothing lines dedicated to eco-baby clothing made from organic cotton. Naturally, this brings the price up slightly, but it is justified by their ethical production and, as a manufacturer, offers the brands a way of working in a more sustainable way.



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