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Should you use print only printing services?

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One of the most popular questions that we receive here at Garment Printing is "can you provide us with the garments?". In short, the answer to this question is yes, you can. However, what many people don't understand is the benefits that you receive from allowing us to provide you with both the printing services and the garments. Allowing us to provide you with both heavily outweighs the advantages of purchasing the garments from elsewhere and then supplying them to us for us to print on them before returning them back to you.

The most notable misconception is, that by supplying and sending the garments to us, you somehow save a lot of money because this will work out cheaper than buying the garments and the printing services from us at the same time. However, this is incorrect.

It's also believed that we may not stock the particular garment that you're looking for because you can't see if available on our website. Again, this is incorrect. While our catalogue is full of products, we don't list everything that we're able to print on on our website.

Above are just two reasons why it's thought that it's better to buy your garments separately. Below, I'm going to just a few reasons where the advantage of buying the garments from us outweigh you having to purchase the garments from elsewhere and then contacting us for our print-only service.

Great rates from our suppliers which are passed on to you:

T-Shirt Printing Prices

As mentioned above, sometimes you may be looking for a specific product but you're unable to locate it on our website. This can lead to you thinking that we're not able to stock the particular product that you want and therefore you think your only option is to source it elsewhere and then return to us to get it printed. The truth is that we work with each major garment supplier across the UK and we also work with suppliers across Europe. This means that we order 1,000's of T-Shirts each day from each supplier for our customers. This entitles us to receive exceptional trade rates from our suppliers which we then pass on to you, the client. The fact that we're able to provide these discounts to you means that you're able to save more money by allowing us to provide you with garments and the printing.

We also operate a unique price break system which means the more you order, the higher your discount will be. Our price breaks start from as little as 10 T-Shirts and it ensures that you're always receiving the best value for your money when you're ordering from us.

We solve any issue that may arise:

Quality T-Shirt Printing

One of our core values is that we always supply our customers with quality. As a result of this, we operate with a very strict quality control system which ensures that every garment is thoroughly checked when it arrives with us before we print on it. If a garment arrives with us and it has a fault, such as a small hole or a dirty mark, which can, unfortunately, happen when buying in bulk, the garment will then be rejected and returned to the supplier who will then provide us with either a replacement either the same day or before 10am the next working day, subject to your delivery deadline. This means that, even if there is a fault with the product, we're still able to meet every deadline that you have and we can ensure that your printed garments are there with you when you need them.

On the other hand, if you provide us with the garments and there is a fault, we have to then contact you to inform you that the garment is faulty. The downside of this is that if you purchased the garment from another supplier, we're unable to negotiate a replacement for the garment on your behalf and we can offer no guarantees that the replacement will be with us the same or the next day. This can create long delays which means that the deadlines are much harder to be kept.

Also, printing isn't a perfect science and there are situations that can arrive where the T-Shirt gets damaged during the printing process. If the garments are supplied by us then we will replace them under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, if the garment isn't supplied by us then we're unable to provide a replacement and we can only offer a refund of £5 per garment. Although we do offer a refund for the garments, it doesn't help if you need your printing done by a specific time to meet a deadline.

Save on courier charges:

 Express T-Shirt Printing

We operate from print offices that are located around the UK. Unfortunately, the only locations where we can offer the print only service is our offices in Charlton, South East London and Northampton. Unfortunately, this means that quite often our clients have to arrange for a courier to deliver the garments to us which itself can create problems.

As you're dispatching the garments to us, we're unable to offer any protection in case packaging goes missing or if they arrive with us and have been damaged during transit. This would mean that you would have to contact the courier and arrange for a refund to be given to you and it would then mean having to source the garments again to ensure that your printing needs can be fulfilled. However, if you order the garments through us, we can ensure that the garments are delivered to the nearest printing location to you and we're able to resolve any issues such as lost or damaged parcels quickly and efficiently to ensure that the printing is completed on time and always to the highest possible standards.

Another advantage of us supplying the garments to you is that you're only paying one delivery charge - the cost of delivery to you. If you were to supply us with the garments yourself then you would be responsible for paying the cost of delivery to our printing location and then the additional cost of us returning the items back to you once they've been printed on. This additional cost will increase the overall cost of your order which can then remove any potential savings that you may have had purchasing the garments separately. By having us provide you with the garments, it ensures that you'll only be paying one delivery charge and it keeps the cost of your order low by ensuring that you'll never have to pay more than once for delivery.

We can guarantee the print quality:

T-Shirts for Printing

Although you may think so, not every garment is printable and sometimes we require a specific mixture of materials to ensure that the print quality will turn out as expected. We carefully select all of the garments that we work with too, not only ensure their quality but also to ensure that they're 100% printable. This not only ensures that you're receiving the best quality clothing, but it also means that we're able to offer the highest quality printing service to ensure that all of the printing you require is done exactly how you imagined it.

Unfortunately, this means that if we're provided with a garment that isn't printable, it could lead to issues such as damage to the garment during the printing process or it could mean a poor print quality. While we do offer a refund for damage that occurs during the process - we're unable to offer a refund for poor print quality that's a result of the garment that's provided to us. This is why it's better to trust in us as the printing experts and we'll not only recommend the best printing technique to suit your design and your needs - but we'll also provide you with the best quality garments for the job as well.


While it's understandable to think that buying the garments separately can save you money, unfortunately, in the long run, this just isn't the case. When you're looking to get printing work done on a budget, it's important to factor in every variable which includes the cost of the garment, the printing, the delivery and also the expense that can occur if things go wrong.

One expense that is often overlooked and unaccounted for is time. At Garment Printing, our aim is to take all of the stress away from you and once you contact us to get a quote for your printing needs, we'll provide free visual mockups, suggest the printing technique and we'll also recommend the best garment to suit your needs. If things go wrong with your order, you're covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that we'll either offer a full reprint or we can offer a refund for the order depending on your needs. The benefit of having this guarantee and the savings you'll make from ordering everything from us at the same place ensures that you'll get the best quality service and price when you order from us.

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