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Four reasons why Garment Printing is perfect for fashion brands:

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The world of fashion is a complex one with many different companies all offering similar clothing. Different brands offering different sizes and a vast array of different materials to choose from with one claiming to be better than the rest. This is one from the perspective of the buyer, but what it you wanted to sell your own clothing?

Creating your own printed fashion brand is difficult, in fact it's incredibly difficult and this is due to the sheer number of people all entering into the same race. Trying to compete against everyone else who is also trying to sell their own clothing to the same target audience is a challenge that, unfortunately, many see as too great. This means that new clothing ranges fail before they ever really get going.

That's why it's important to know everything about starting your own fashion brand before you actually decide to go ahead.

At Garment Printing, we've worked with some great clients who have embarked on their journey into the world of printed fashion clothing with us alongside. This has allowed us to perfect our services and offer excellent options when it comes to creating your own customised brands. In this article, I'm going to focus on the four reasons why Garment Printing is the perfect company to choose when you're starting your own fashion brand.


When you're creating a fashion brand, you want to make sure that you're providing your customers with the best quality clothing; clothing that makes them feel like they've just bought a premium product. For this reason, offering standard T-Shirts that are used for promotions or staff workwear just won't cut it.

While these T-Shirts are built to last, they won't offer the same texture and soft touch that you can get from expert brands such as Continental, B&C, Stanley+Stella, Gildan and American Apparel. These brands use excellent materials such as Bamboo, Tencel, organic cotton and various other materials that offer a soft-to-the-touch texture, which feels fantastic when worn.

We also offer an excellent range of eco-friendly T-Shirt options, which means that, if you're trying to become an environmentally friendly brand, the clothing that you sell can help to reflect the brand image.


While some printing companies will only offer one or two different printing techniques, at Garment Printing we offer them all. This means that we're able to recreate any design that you can think of and print this onto the clothing using the best printing technique possible. If your artwork has an intricate design, we have the perfect printing technique for that. If you're just looking to print slogans onto the T-Shirt, we have the perfect printing technique for that too.

We can even print designs all over the T-Shirts using the brilliant all over printing technique, dye sublimation.

Our printing techniques are designed to offer the best quality when it comes to printability, durability and also creating a soft finish, which feels as though the print is actually part of the T-Shirt. By using these printing techniques, you're able to set your brand apart from the rest thanks to the high-quality clothing that you'd be offering. Not to mention the stunning, bright, vivid prints that your customers will simply love.


Creating a T-Shirt brand doesn't simply mean that you should get a few T-Shirts with you own designs printed on to them. For many, it's about creating truly unique clothing which represent your brand perfectly.

The best way to do this is to fully rebrand the T-Shirts. This is done with our excellent labelling and relabelling service, which means that we can remove the original label and replace them with your own custom labels to give your T-Shirt a unique, professional look.

It doesn't end their either, we're able to create printed packaging and swing tags to add to your clothing so your customers will know that they're buying from a unique brand, but unaware that they've come straight from the printing company, directly to them.


When selling clothing, there's nothing worse than having out of stock messages displayed on your website. Similarly, if you're selling your clothing at an event then there's nothing worse than having to close early because you've ran out of stock or because you've been let down by your supplier and you have nothing to list at the event.

To avoid this, we offer all of our printing with a standard 4-8 day delivery time from the moment that the artwork has been confirmed. If this isn't quick enough for you, we have express printing and delivery services, which means that we're able to offer next day delivery to make sure that you always have clothing ready to sell when you need it.


Selling clothing, whether it's online, in a brick-and-mortar store or at events and fairs, is difficult. It's even more difficult to create a clothing brand which stands apart from other clothing brands. For this reason, it's important to get yourself started the right way by making sure that the clothing you're selling is made from the best material, features perfect customisation and gives your customers the feeling that they've bought from a unique clothing brand.

If you're thinking of starting to sell your own range of clothing, or if you're currently selling them but you need help and advice on how to get more sales, speak to our expert staff and they'll provide you with all the help and advice that you need.

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