Water-Based Ink Screen-Printing: Eco-T-Shirt Printing

Water-Based Ink Screen-Printing: Eco-T-Shirt Printing

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At Garment Printing we care about the environment. We offer 100% eco-T-Shirt printing; from seed to harvest, throughout the entire printing process. Our promise extends to the fair and just treatment of labourers, making sure that the entire process is conducted in the most ethical way possible.

We want you to be proud to wear a customised organic T-Shirt and so we suggest using water-based ink screen-printing, which uses inks free of solvents and have a low content of formalin. This is all with the objective of reducing our impact on the environment and to offer an eco-t-shirt printing service that is 100% organic.

As well as protecting the environment, eco-T-Shirt printing also offers superior quality. No plastisol or solvents, only water! 

Water-based ink screen-printing is a printing method that also produces a soft to the touch design, making it more natural and comfortable to wear, as if it were a part of the fabric. This printing technique is appropriate if you want to reproduce detailed, complicated and multi-coloured designs.


  • It produce a soft-feel print on the T-Shirt as the design combines with the fabric.

  • It is an eco-friendly technique which uses inks that don’t harm the environment.

  • It is an original and modern way of printing. Different from traditional methods.

  • It doesn’t use heavy inks that give a thick, rigid print.

  • It can be used on any fabric, but the best results are seen when using 100% cotton.

  • It can be ironed, unlike the plastisol screen-prints where the iron can melt the PVC in the ink.

  • It is an inexpensive option for large orders.

  • The price is the same as traditional screen-printing.


Plastisol Screen-Printing VS. Water-Based Ink Screen-Printing

  • When we make a printed T-Shirt using screen-printing, there are two types of inks: with plastisol or water-based. Plastisol is standard in the industry and the ink, by default, is used by all the commercial printing companies. A PVC base is used, unlike the water-based ink, that is exactly what it says on the tin: an aqueous ink with suspended pigments.

  • The limitation of using water-based inks is that they sometimes don’t take well to dark colours. That said, they are excellent for printing vibrant colours on light coloured clothing.

  • The garments printed with water-based ink screen-printing are much more comfortable to wear as the ink penetrates the fabric instead of sitting on top, as the plastisol ink does. This also makes the fabric more breathable.

  • We also recommend using our water-based printing technique for the fact that it has the same price as the traditional method, yet causes no harm to the environment.  


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