5 Inspirational Ways to use Promotional Products

5 Inspirational Ways to use Promotional Products

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Promotional products are a great way to boost awareness of your brand's campaign, be it product, service, cause or event related. What is better, they do not always have to be just printed pens.

When to use Promotional Marketing Products?

Promotional products are very effective at events such as; trade shows, exhibitions, fundraising events, and other customer touch points. It is a fact - everyone loves free stuff.

Used in an incentive or a promotion campaign, the customer will proactively approach the brand, and not the other way around.The net result is that in the customer's mind, your brand will have a positive influence.

Additionally, the recipient's experience will leave a permanent positive impression in the customer's mind. Later, other retention-based marketing will reinforce this positive experience.

Other non-physical advertising campaigns, such as online, or even TV ads, rarely boast the same level of interactivity with the brand. The use of promotional items is not limited to physical contact events. In social media, brands give away free promotional products, so to promote an increase in customer engagement, and positive brand interaction.

Many promotional items, such as printed tote bags, or printed lanyards are lightweight, very cost effective to produce, and easily fulfilled direct to customers. Online campaigns such as these are a great way to refresh, or to capture data, fulfil surveying of a market, or even to test a new product or service.

What Promotional Marketing Products to use?

Promotional products may be used in various ways to achieve different strategic objectives and promote a brand image. The campaign initiator needs to pay special attention to the final use and desirability of the promotional item, such as a printed t-shirt, a printed pen or a printed lanyard to the campaign objective.

This increases the brand exposure and therefore the effectiveness of the campaign. Further, promotional products may not only be used as give-aways, but for turning employees, clients and the general public into brand ambassadors through branded t-shirts or polo shirts.

Depending on the sector, especially for luxury sector, the marketer must consider co-branding or having white labelled luxury promotional products such as high-quality pens, rings, suits, hats, ties or branded wine-sets. 

What are the Effects of Promotional Marketing Products?

When compared to other marketing media, promotional products leave a more lasting brand impression on the customer. 66% of those surveyed in the infographic below stated that they remembered a brand when they were given a printed promotional garment within the last 12 months.

This is by merit of the repeat exposure of a useful promotional item. Promotional items, specifically wearables such as t-shirts or polo shirts increase brand awareness.The use of promotional items using online channels may lead to an increase of fans/followers and promotes higher customer engagement.

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