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Garment Printing Knocks on Number 10 Downing Street


William Reed Business Media Case Study

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Direct To Garment Printing

The client needed some express DTG printed garments (Direct to Garment Printing) that would stand-out in London and in the face of the leading figure within the UK government: the Prime Minister. The t-shirts needed to be perfectly printed as they were going to be photographed and would have media coverage in London so the colours had to stand out and they had to be comfortable to wear.

Garment Printing opted for a DTG print on its Brother GT3 DTG Printer Machine as it offers great colour results and can be printed extremely fast for DTG express printing. We printed and delivered in record-breaking time, using our express T-Shirt DTG printing service, and the T-Shirts arrived with the client safe and sound ready for the travel to London and a visit at number 10 Downing Street.

William Reed Wearing our Printed T Shirts on Downing Street

KNOCK …. KNOCK …. WHO’S THERE….? | 24-hour express T-Shirt printing services in London, UK for the Prime Minister. 

"Thanks to Garment Printing and a special thanks to Mark. They were brill thanks so much!! Service spot on, arrived right on time and great quality. We would definitely recommend you and use you again."

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