Vermilion Software Ltd

The Client:

Vermilion Software was established in 2003 and is a cost effective reporting solution, which is driven by business benefits and not functionality. Today it's a market leader with a strong reputation based on over fifty successful implementations in Europe, USA and Asia.

Today Vermilion operates from offices based in London, Boston, Singapore and Sydney.

The Challenge:

The team at vermilion was entering into the JP Morgan run and they wanted T Shirts printed which had a slogan and their company message on the front. They also wanted messages printed on the back and both of the sleeves displaying the company details and the logo to help increase brand awareness.

As we were helping to create brand awareness, we knew that we had to choose T-Shirts which offered complete comfort during the length of the run and printing quality had to match the high standards of this global company.

The Conclusion:

We opted to use colour cut out transfers for the printing work, as this would accurately display the bold letting and making it easier to see the company brand and message as the wearers were running. As Vermilion wanted to wear red T-Shirts, we opted to use white lettering to make it further stand out and as easy to see as possible as they passed pedestrians and other runners.

The T-Shirts looked fantastic and the race was a success for Vermilion. Shortly after the race May, an account manager at Vermilion, sent us this message...

"Thank you very much for the T-Shirts and the great service. Delivery time was speedy! Everyone loved it and ran in it. We will probably be ordering more T-Shirts in the future and will be in touch. Thanks again."

Cut out colour transfer front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve for the JP Morgan run

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