Red for Give Blood

The Client:

When Red Consultancy came to us asking for printed garments for their "Give Blood" campaign we were delighted to help. The campaign was designed to encourage more people to give blood and featured celebrities which included Gary Lineker at the front of their campaign.

Give Blood -

The challenge:

Charity T-Shirt Printing

For the campaign, Red Consultancy wanted us to provide them with a print-only service. We were provided with 10 individual T-Shirts and we were asked to print the same design on all 10 T-Shirts in advance. Once the campaign kicked off, we were then asked to print a unique and exclusive version for each celebrity which was involved in the campaign to show off their specific blood type and group.

The Conclusion:

T-Shirt Printing for Give Blood Campaign

We were delighted to work with the campaign and proud to become the printing company for the Give Blood charity. We decided that to ensure that we were always able to meet deadlines set that we would use a combination of Screen Printing, Transfer Printing and Cad Cut Vinyl printing as it would ensure a quick turn around and meant that we were able to create all of the T-Shirts quickly and efficiently.

Screen Printing, Transfer Printing and Cad Cut Printing for Red Consultancy

"The biggest issue that we had with the order was time" explained Director Gavin Drake, "we were initially contacted on an evening one week before the campaign was due to launch. This meant that we had to provide a printing service which had an exceptionally quick turnaround to ensure that we were able to create all of the designs quickly and efficiently and in time for the campaign."

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