Case Study for BeachFit Barcelona

The Client:

Beach Fit is a fitness revolution, which is sweeping across the whole of Barcelona, Spain. It's a unique solution, which aims to improve your fitness levels, help you to lose weight fast as well as helping people to de-stress completely.

It offers a number of different services which includes:

BeachFit - This is a workout session which aims to get users out of the house and moving around. All the while it improves your fitness levels and encourages you to have fun while doing so.

Circuit Training - The Circuit training is designed to help improve your overall fitness. Using different apparatus and a number of different exercises, it's a high-energy training session which helps to improve your fitness, lose weight quick and makes you feel fitter and faster.

Boot Camp - BootCamp is a 3 day weekend of fitness, healthy living and rejuvenation. It's situated in a stunning farmhouse, nestled away in a hidden valley close to the beautiful town of Tarragona, Spain. It's designed to be as fun and rewarding as possible and the training sessions include everything from hill-running to circuit training, Aerobics to pilates, Yoga to Salsa.

You can view their website and sign up to their sessions here -

The Challenge:

When Beach Fit came to us asking for some printed garments, which can show off their brand while they're taking classes and also help to get brand recognition while they're working outdoors. We were asked to create a number of printed vests, bags, and other sporting accessories which could be used in their online shop, for giveaways and to be used in promotions to encourage more people to sign up for their excellent fitness initiative.

We knew that this was going to be a challenge as Beach Fit is an excellent idea of combining getting people outdoors with getting people fit. We had to get the printing technique and garments perfect to showcase their brand and their ideas excellently.

The Conclusion:

As there were a number of different garments, including printed T-Shirts and running vests, and accessories, such as bags and water bottles, we had to use a number of different printing techniques from vinyl printing to screen printing. We ensured that all of the work was done to a high quality standard while constantly checking with the guys at Beach Fit to ensure that they were happy with the garments and the printing techniques suited their fitness classes and wouldn't be too uncomfortable to wear during training.


As we have offices in Barcelona, we were able to offer quick T-Shirt printing and delivery methods so all of the Beach Fit team and it's members could get themselves kitted out in Beach Fit-branded clothing and their online store could get up and running.

Mark, a member of the Beach Fit team and a fitness fanatic, said...

"We looked for a T-Shirt printing company who could offer us a range of different clothing and accessories at affordable prices. We found Garment Printing and were instantly impressed with their range of different techniques and their range of clothing which was suitable for fitness training and workout sessions.

"We continually use Garment Printing for all of our T-Shirt printing needs and they have all been to an extremely high quality at an extremely affordable price."

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