Amazon Web Services

The Client:

Amazon Web Services provide a wide range of global computer, storage, database, analytical, application and deployment services which allow organisations to move and grow faster, reduce IT costs and scale their applications.

The services are trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest start up companies and they're designed to power a wide variety of different work loads which includes:

  • Web and Mobile applications
  • IT
  • Data Processing
  • Warehousing
  • Storage
  • Archiving

and many more.

The Challenge:

In the build up to the 2015 Mobile World Congress, Amazon contacted us as they wanted some promotional clothing and workwear which would be used while they were at the event. The had created 2 separate designs and they wanted 200 units of each. 

We opted to use screen printing for the designs as it allowed us to create the more complex designs and also meant that we could use the same screens which would reduce the set up times and ensure that we could have all of the garments printed in time for the event. Once we had supplied Amazon with the MWC clothing they were instantly impressed and wanted us to take on another challenge which was held in November.

On November 5th, Amazon were working at the Summit event which took place in Fira, Barcelona. They wanted us to produce 7 different designs and around 2000 garments which ranged from T Shirts, shirts and polo shirts. The aim for us was to achieve all of the designs, which were provided to us by Amazon, in time for their event.

The Conclusion:

To achieve the different designs we had to use a number of different printing techniques. We used embroidery for the shirts and polo shirts and screen printing and DTG for the promotional T Shirts. Using embroidery for the shirts and polo shirts allowed Amazon employees to be easily identifiable and it also allowed us to effectively embroider 'AMAZON WEB SERVICES' onto the shirts which our client was very impressed with.

The T Shirts were used for promotional and giveaway items and featured a number of different designs. For this reason we had to use screen printing and DTG as it allowed us to create all the different designs perfectly and it also meant that we could ensure a quick turn around with all the printing work which we done.

As a result of these 2 events, we're still working with Amazon and we're currently preparing their promotional products for the 2016 Mobile World Congress which is in February 2016. We've also expanded our products to include banners, roll ups and flyers to suit all of Amazon's different needs.

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