Regatta was founded in 1981 with just 12 employees. During this time, outdoor activities were mainly for intrepid explorers, but Regatta wanted to change the public opinion, making outdoor activities more fun and accessible to the everyday person.

Regatta Mens Coat

They create clothing that’s functional, good quality and competitively priced, to try and prise people away from their homes and enjoy the countryside around them. That’s still their goal over 30 years later.

They remain inspired by the outdoors, manufacturing some of the best outdoor wear on the market today. Their goal is to bring out the rambler, ambler, hiker, biker, camper and gardener in all of us. Their products appeal to a great variety of activities including dog walkers, show jumpers, picnickers, backpackers, urban roamers, beachcombers and puddle loving children, to name a few.

Womens Regatta Fleece

We always recommend Regatta clothing to our clients who are looking for customised outdoor clothing. We’ve helped numerous walking clubs and associations, hikers, sports lovers and a whole host of other outdoor enthusiasts, by supplying great quality Regatta clothing with our expert embroidery and printing to give them the identity they’ve been looking for.

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Regatta Outdoor Clothing