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Nut Shell create fashionable headgear and clothing which is designed to be stylish, functional and fully customisable. Their range of beanie hats are made from 100% soft knit acrylic which ensures complete comfort for all day wearing and it also makes it perfect for embroidering on. With their range of stylish beanies you could create your own fashion line or embroider your companies name and logo into the beanie so your employees will not only remain warm during the winter but they'll also be able to provide excellent advertising space where you can showcase your companies brand and logo for when you're employee is out representing your company.

Beanie Hats by NutshellEmbroidered beanies at Garment Printing

Nut Shells beanie's are designed to provide style and sophistication and allow you to change the style by folding up the bottom and creating a tighter beanie hat or pulling the bottom down to create the slouchy look. Beanie hats are also popular amongst fashion conscious people so they make the perfect addition to any clothing range that you might either sell or are thinking about selling.

Nut Shell Embroidered BeaniesNut Shell hats

We only supply garments of the highest quality, printability and customisation. Nut Shell beanie hats are great for embroidery with their quality fabrics and expert manufacturing.

Nut Shell Beanie

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