Le Chef


Le Chef has been manufacturing workwear for the last 20 years, combining design experience with kitchen experience, they have created a range of chef wear that would suit any professional environment. They specialise in professional chef and kitchen wear that is of high quality and very well made.

Le Chef specialises in design details. They combine 30 years of kitchen life to create a range of excellent chef's uniforms which has design, technology and innovation at the forefront of their clothing range. The combination of an experienced chef who designs clothing especially for kitchen life and lighter weight clothes helps you to cope with life as a chef and helps to deal with the heat and humidity of a busy kitchen.


We provide a full range of Le Chef’s products, including chef hats, whites and aprons. All of their products a great for printing and embroidery options, so you can brand your garments with your company logo.

Personalised workwear is one of the best ways to build morale in your team. It gives workers a sense of belonging and increases the chances of them working hard and feeling part of a team.