Craft have been providing sportswear for a long time and they have truly mastered their craft. Specialising in running gear, they work on a 3 step process:

Over the many years of manufacture and trading, Craft has listened to their customers and developed their products based on the feedback they’ve received. They understand the individual needs of both top-class athletes and keep-fit enthusiasts alike. They have studied their customers needs, from ground level, to truly gain an understanding applied that to their garments. They work using science to define how their products can benefit their customers.

Personalised Craft Running top

“We have studied their movement patterns, mapped their bodies’ heat zones and measured their amounts of sweat, bucket upon bucket. Our extensive knowledge of how the body works in intense sports situations has given us great confidence in what we do, but also a profound understanding of the fact that nothing is forever..”

Whether you’re a runner, biker, skier or any other outdoors sport, Craft is a brand you want to look into. They provide the best quality ergonomic clothing to increase the performance of the wearer.
Garment Printing supply a huge range of Craft garments, from shorts and t-shirt to high vis safety vests and leggings.

Personalised Craft Sportswear

As with all of the products we supply, Craft garments are perfect for customisation. Get your sportswear personalised with your own designs or your companies branding. Maybe you’re part of a running group and want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe the entire group would like to wear their kit with the group name embroidered on. Whatever the reason, Garment Printing can help.