Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing were the innovators of the wholesale women's fitted T-Shirt in Europe. The fit became known as the "Continental Fit", and since then they've gone on to lead the way in innovation, design and, above all else, sustainability. Their main focus is to create high quality, expertly styled and responsibly manufactured garments for markets such as fashion retail, music merchandise, corporate promotions and leisure.

Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing has three unique and award-winning brands - Continental, EarthPositive, and Salvage - and all three of these brands rank among the most up-to-date blank garment brands in the world.

Social Responsibility:

Many of Continental Clothings beliefs tie in with Garment Printings, such as each and every one of us has the right to a safe and healthy working environment, a living wage, and a legally binding contract. They also believe that each of us has the right to be free from discrimination and harassment, to join - or not to join, a labour union, and also the ability to choose our work freely. 

To back this up, they've developed a robust policy with regards to the minimum social responsibility criteria:

  • No use of child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Payment of living wage
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination against employees
  • No excessive hours of work

Custom Continental Clothing

They have also been running a pro-active social responsibility programme as a member of the Fair Wear foundation since early 2006. All of their manufacturing facilities are regularly audited for social compliance and they are actively running monitoring programmes in accordance with standards advocated by the International Labour Organisation, the Ethical Trading Initiative and other international bodies.

Sustainable manufacturing:

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of different manufactured products using only economically sound processes which are designed to minimise negative environmental impacts while also conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also puts a priority on the safety of their employees, the community and also the products that they create.

Both Continental Clothing and Garment Printing recognise that garment manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging and harmful industrial sectors on Earth, and because of this we both take decisive and pioneering steps towards addressing many of the negative impacts. This includes sourcing of the raw materials and ensuring that all of the fibres are fully traceable. Continental T-Shirts are made from different materials such as low impact cotton, Tencel Lyocel, Bamboo viscose and recycled polyester. 

Printing Suitability:

All of Continental Clothing's products are design and manufactured specifically for garment decorating, and, with the exception of undyed bags, they are all suitable for all printing techniques and all ink types. They are also perfect for discharge printing.

All of the garments made by Continental Clothing features a high-quality surface finish, the garments perform well with DTG (direct to garment) printing as well.

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