B&C are an incredibly innovative and forward thinking garment manufacturer. They currently have 4 main collections, B&C - Safran Line, B&C - The Shirt Culture, B&C DNM Collection and B&C Paradise Collection.

B&C Clothing

Other collections include B&C Exact Line, B&C Legend Collection, B&C Biofair Collection and B&C PRO Collection. This enables us to provide a vast range of options for our clients, including organic and fair trade options.

All of their collections feature top quality and innovative options for endless possibilities with printing and embroidery. Their garments are designed to be customised and this is encouraged by the company's marketing strategy. This allows you to create gorgeous, unique clothing which means that you're able to edit your clothing range to make them personal to you to enjoy fantastic clothing while standing out from the crowd.

Printable Hoodies
B&C offer an excellent range of clothing options for both men and women. Their clothing range runs from activewear, workwear to fashionable clothing which everyone will love. They also specialise in stylish children's clothing which is all perfect for printing on to create gorgeous customised clothing.

Garment Printing are proud to be a supplier of all 4 of the B&C collections currently available. Our particular favourites are the new Paradise Collection which contains some of the most vivid colours we’ve even seen in the industry.

So whether you're looking for printed Shirts, embroidered workwear or if you want to get some fully customised hoodies and jumpers then B&C together with Garment Printing is the perfect choice for you. Get your customised B&C garments here.