Asquith and Fox

Asquith & Fox

Asquith and Fox offer a fantastic range of garments, specialising in polo shirts and trousers. They are our preferred for embroidered polo shirts due to their superb manufacture and material quality.

Asquith and Fox Polo Shirts

The AQ010 Mens Polo and the AQ020 Women’s Polo are our choice picks from their catalogue. They really are a premium in terms of quality and fit, meaning our clients never have any complaints. Both of these products boast 100% ringspun cotton with knitted cuffs and collars. They are supplied in over 20 rich colours, giving a variety of options for your business.

Womens Polo Shirts by Asquith and Fox

Along with our two favourites, the rest of their collection is equally as top notch. They are perfect for both printing and embroidery as they seem to take the inks and threads better than most other garments available on the market.

Asquith and Fox Clothing
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