Anvil has been manufacturing some of the best garments and apparel for over 130 years. Anvil activewear, along with their other collections, is always of the finest quality, meaning you will never be disappointed. We are proud to supply the best of Anvil, including Anvil T-shirts, caps, tank tops and much more.

Anvil has been around since 1899. That’s a long time to have been making clothing and it shows in their craftsmanship. They began by manufacturing workwear but have since transformed into a fashion brand designed for individual expression, comfort and exceptional printability.

Anvil Clothing Range

They have always offered quality and substance, but now more than ever as they have changed direction, delivering a fresher and a unique style. Their aim is to design relevant pieces that make a bold fashion statement but also say something about who the wearer is and what they believe in.

They were one of the first manufacturers in the industry to develop and use organic cotton and recycled garments. During the course of their brand evolution, they’ve stayed true to their ethos by making social and environmental practices a key area of focus.

Anvil Clothing

A lot of Anvil products, such as the AV105, offer tearaway labels for easy relabeling. This means it’s even easier to fully brand your garments with your company logo.

We are a proud supplier of Anvil t-shirts, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts and much more.