The year may be more than halfway done, but the month of October welcomes a slew of events in the techie world that we are really pumped about! On 22-23 October, the AppsWorld series shines its spotlight on London where the European leg of the tour is to be held. With Earls Court 2 on Warwick Road as a venue, the event gives the opportunity for creatives, developers, and other technology-crazy fanatics a chance to listen to keynote speakers, take part in debates, see cool t shirt printing London programs, and more. Steve Wozniak famously said that apps are now the “yardstick” for how people live their lives. The phrase “There’s an app for that”, could not be more true with people being dependent on apps to do anything from managing their schedules, reminding them when to take their medications, to more exciting tasks such as booking plane tickets or making free phone calls halfway round the world. 


The AppsWorld series of events invites participants to take part in debates, workshops, case studies, and listen to keynote speakers, all the while discovering what’s new in the app industry and getting up close and personal with representatives from their favourite companies. One key event at AppsWorld London this year will be TV Hackfest. Now what exactly is a Hackfest? According to its founders, it’s about “building innovation in multiplatform TV content development.” TV Hackfest attracts hackers from all over the world to come together and brainstorm, develop, and ultimately come up with new and creative ways to make television as we know it even more exciting and innovative. 


Jumping onto the more Mediterranean part of Europe, this month, Barcelona plays host to Pathways to Exit 2013, an annual event for European Tech organised by repeat client White Bull Summits. While White Bull used us for t shirt printing London at a past event a few years ago, they took advantage of us having printing houses all over Spain and again reached out to us to print for them for Pathways 2013. The event welcomes the very best entrepreneurs from multiple fields of technology and business as well as investors and executives who continuously aid in furthering newly developed ideas and technologies. We printed both the official Pathways 2013 t shirts as well as the BullPen 2013 shirts. BullPen takes place from 12:00-17:00 on 7 October and it’s the time for startups to challenge each other bootcamp-style. Being able to show off their presentation skills and ideas to an esteemed panel of experts allows them to receive beneficial feedback and critique to better their proposals and projects. 



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