The Varied Techniques used in T-Shirt Decoration

Varied techniques used in t-shirt decorationThe days of the plain white t-shirt has gone, these days when we buy t-shirts that are decorated with some message or logo adorned on it.

Various techniques can be used to decorate t-shirts.

This article will look at the different techniques used to decorate t-shirts.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a technique that uses woven mesh to support an ink block Stencil.

If you watched The Apprentice 2012, you will have seen the candidates given a task to come up with their own designs that they could use to print on to a chosen product such as t-shirts or canvas bags.

The Apprentice task showed us that if you have the money to invest in a screen printing set up and are artistic this could be used to make some extra money.


This art form requires a keen eye and a lot of skill with a needle if you are thinking about taking up this art, although the technique is simple and you can use it to create unique pieces of clothing it will take you some time to create.

However, if you have ever been to Spain or any other holiday location you may have seen the shops that have a computer hooked up to an embroidery machine that allows you create unique caps within minutes, although you can use a sewing machine to create your design.

Direct to Garment

Also known as, DTG Printing uses specialised or modified inkjet technology, the two key requirements of DTG printing is the transport mechanism for the garment and the speciality inks, which are applied to textiles directly.

This form of t-shirt printing is not something that we could take up at home, as the Direct to Garment Printers can cost anything from £6,275 to £188,262.

Sublimation Printing

This form of printing uses a dye-sublimation (or dye-sub printer) is effectively a computer printer that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic card, paper or fabric.

This is another form of printing that you can take up at home, as the technology costs from £313 to £627.

Digital Textile Printing

This form of printing is described as ink jet printing; this form of printing is used to print smaller designs onto garments.


This form of decoration is another art that requires a keen eye and skill with a needle as you will need to sit and sew on each individual rhinestone, although this can be very rewarding when you have finished. 

Just remember to use a stencil of your design to make sure that you get everything where you want it.

Transfers and Vinyls

This form of t-shirt printing is possibly one of the easiest forms of t-shirt decoration that can be done at home.

All you need is could quality transfers and a very good iron and you can start decorating your on t-shirts.

Designing your own t-shirts can very rewarding and can earn extra money if you have a good enough design and use the right company to produce and sell your designs.


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Juliet Munro is a Funny T-Shirts designer and printer that uses different techniques for her t-shirt designs.