Internet Memes – Garment Printing Edition


We are happy to provide next day urgent t shirt printing. If you are a customer that requires this service it is imperative that you place your order before the deadline on the day before your absolute deadline. We kindly remind you this deadline is 15.00h. If not, we are afraid you might encounter a true First World Problem and we will not be able to supply you an express t shirt printing order.


Please do not be a Scumbag Steve. We always try to stress to our customers that we are a professional high quality garment printer and embroiderer. However, we cannot provide printed quality that is up to par with our standards if we are given low-resolution artwork or designs for custom printed t shirts or garments. We request files with at least 300dpi, but Scumbag Steve’s never fail to send us 72dpi.

If you require high quality printed custom t shirts for promotional purposes, or just a short run order of 25 garments or less, we usually suggest Direct To Garment (DTG) digital printing. The quality will always be much better as DTG is a very modern method that is virtually seamless to the touch and more durable than Transfer Printing. If you choose Transfer Printing over DTG, you can possibly find yourself asking, “Y U NO look as good as DTG?”

Custom T Shirt printing is an immensely popular and profitable venture to get into if you have a creative idea that can stimulate demand. If you are in the business of custom t shirt printing then you probably already know that this is not the easiest thing in the world to do. With all of the competition chances are someone already beat you to your idea. Sometimes it just takes being the first one to create a custom printed t shirt for a topical or current event. When a tragedy occurs, or someone famous passes on, your scumbag brain might just have an eureka moment for a t shirt idea.