"Josephine" Napoleon screen print

“Josephine” Napoleon screen printing winner at 2013 FESPA in London


SCREEN PRINTING Her husband may have lost the Battle of Waterloo, but Empress Josephine Napoleon came out victorious in last month’s 2013 FESPA Awards. “Josephine” was the name of the woman, or rather, the print, that won the “Best in Show” category at the recently held 2013 FESPA Awards in June. The screenprinted work by Switzerland’s Atelier für Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli depicts the empress seated in all her royal splendour. Created for French luxury jewellery company Chaumet, “Josephine” beat out more than 385 other entries at this year’s contest where winners were awarded at FESPA’s 50th Anniversary Dinner at Old Billingsgate in London on the 27th of June.   


Considered one of the more traditional printing techniques, screen printing is still one of the most commonly-used forms of printing today. A screen made of fine fabric is used as a stencil so that when ink is spread on top of it, the colour is only able to pass through the desired area, creating the design onto the garment below. If multiple colours are required, the printing process is done one colour at a time using multiple screens. When the desired result is achieved, the garment goes into a special dryer to seal in the colour. When dark coloured shirts are used, the design is “flashed” (gelling the ink layer to allow other colours to be added on top of it) to ensure that the desired ink colours come through.