One of Garment Printing’s core values is providing excellent service, and this is what makes us stand out from other t shirt printing London companies, especially with our express t shirt printing same day and next day services. Our bespoke custom clothes service ensures that we treat our clients uniquely from one another and cater to their specific needs. When customers become regular trade clients, and make us their print sponsor, speed and service remains our focus. From your initial quote request to the actual formation of a printing account, we are always excited to serve you and help your business.


One client whom it is an honour to represent is Nariaka Kanazawa from the Japan Centre in London. Nariaki has been an absolute perfect client to work with—he knows what he wants, is open to us giving our professional opinion on printing techniques, and gives us a variety of projects to work on—a t shirt printing company’s dream client.  Through Nariaki, we have built a partnership with the Japan Centre in London, which has become a cultural staple in the melting pot that is London.


The idea for the Japan Centre began in 1976, when Japanese individuals living in London did not yet have a place to find all the food and items that they missed from home. The idea was also sparked by the stark differences between the British and Japanese cultures that were often hard to cope with for some of the newcomers. What began as a book store and martial arts shop has edolves into hub where anyone can enter and experience the world of Japanese food, culture, and tradition. Not only does the centre have a string of restaurants and the original book store, but it now also has a home ware shop and a recruitment agency as well.


Garment Printing regularly prints work wear, promotional clothing and staff uniforms for the Japan Centre’s security force who work hard to ensure the safety and security of all staff and visitors of the centre. We are also big fans of the centre’s restaurants that bring a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine to Britain through their ranges of sushis, ramen, and more yummy delights. We have loved printing the work wear for Japan Centre restaurants Toku, Shoru, and Umai and we think that the printed t shirts fit right in with the restaurants’ modern Japanese design. “it is an honour and pleasure to offer our trade account services to Nariaki and the Japan Centre” comments Gavin Drake, Director of Garment Printing. “When Nariaki searched google for t shirt printing and they found Garment Printing, it was a great day for both businesses and we continue to grow together” Gavin explains.


Good quality and quick service. I would recommend Garment Printing to others and would use them again in the future.”Nariaki Kanazawa, Advertising and Product PR Manager, The Japan Centre London




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