Garment Printing brings back sound-powered t shirt printing job they did for Orange, in line with ad:tech London

Innovation and diversity are some of the values that our t shirt printing company strives to embody. We believe that quality custom clothes should first and foremost be able to convey the brand’s message, but we are also interested in finding new and exciting ways to showcase these ideas. Technology, now more than ever, has been able to provide the t shirt printing industry with the ability to find ways to bring designs to life in a more inventive manner. New technologies have also opened doors for digital marketers who make use of gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and of course the Internet to sell products, services and ideas. At Garment Printing we use technology in many ways to enhance our business, for example, or proprietary IT infrastructure enables us to offer unparalleled delivery speed, with express t shirt printing services which include same day and next day services for example. Technology leads us into the future.


ad:tech is one of the largest digital marketing events in the world. With an itinerary filled with workshops, conferences, and exhibitions of new products and services. One other key feature of ad:tech events is the unlimited opportunities for networking with everyone from the top players in the industry to fresh new start-ups. Throughout the year, ad:tech events are held at ten locations around the world with the upcoming venues being ad:tech London at the National Hall, Olympia from September 11-12 and ad:tech Tokyo at the Tokyo International Forum from September 18-19. 


Ad:tech London for one boasts an impressive line-up of keynote speakers such as Zoe Ashford, Head of Online at Debenhams, Steve Hill, Senior Marketing Manager at McDonald’s, Dara Nasr, Head of Agency Sales at Twitter, and much more. A special closing debate for the event is set to be very exciting with participating companies such as Google, Havas Media, Group M, UBS, Media Week, and Campaign. The topic of the debate will be a recap on the mergers and changes in media expenditures in the year 2013. The great thing for us at Garment Printing is that we get to meet some of our clients whom we print for and work with at these events. Our clients can teach us how to enhance technology to enhance service. Its team work.


At Garment Printing, our marketing tools are our custom clothes and customisation & personalisation services, —we let the quality, workmanship, and creativity that one can see from our products speak for themselves. One of the jobs we’re really proud of is the job we did for telecommunications company Orange through agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Orange has always been a leader in innovative mobile technology so it was of no surprise that the custom clothes they contracted us to print for them were no different. The personalised t shirts allowed the wearer to use the power of sound to charge his or her mobile phone. This state of the art idea was not only inventive, but it also kept with Orange’s initiatives of providing eco-charging devices to its clients in order to inflict less harm on the environment. 


We can’t wait to see more products like the upcoming ad:tech events and will definitely be on the lookout for new technologies that we can integrate into our work to keep things exciting and imaginative.


Rumour has it that Garment Printing is working on the development and release of a Solar Powered T Shirt…imagine that!!!