Commonly compared to Champagne, “Cava” is perhaps as associated to Catalunya as the former is to France. With the harvest beginning in September, Garment Printing was happy to supply Cava and wine company Pere Ventura link to their website with embroidered clothes in the form of custom t shirts for their team. 

Cava is often consumed during celebrations, before a meal, and especially to ring in the new year. Bodegas and wineries abound in the Eastern Spanish region, many of which were passed on from generation to generation. 

Pere Ventura has a long history in the wine and Cava business that can be traced all the way back to the 1898 phylloxera outbreak that greatly affected the vines in the Penedes region and caused a strain on the industry for years. Being able to beat the odds, Pere Ventura has since experienced much success and has made a name for itself as a top quality wine and cava producer. 


Pere Ventura Vendrell opened his winery in 1992, but it was through the lessons and skills he learned from the wine making endeavours of his family members before him that truly prepared him. Thus it was only fitting that his enterprise be destined for success. Following the goal “to produce a cava of great quality, with unique elegance and personality, distinguished by an innovative image,” Pere Ventura has stood out amongst the competition by sticking to tried and tested traditional values but continuing to keep up with the latest technologies in cava and wine production. 


Located in what is largely known as Catalunya’s “Cava capital”—Sant Sadurni d’Anoia—the Pere Ventura winery produces six types of Cava and seven types of wine. They have world-class facilities and make use of only the best grapes to ensure quality and great taste. 


As cava and wine lovers ourselves, we at Garment Printing know how important the September harvest is for companies like Pere Ventura, and we felt privileged to provide custom t shirts for its team during this imperative event. The black threads used for the embroidered clothes stand out extremely well on the red polos and really give off a professional look and feel. Because harvesting grapes can be a tedious and meticulous task, the Pere Ventura Sparkling Team turned to Garment Printing to clothe them in only the best work wear that they could be sure would give them comfort, mobility, while still looking unique and professional. 


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