Custom t shirts for Sophie’s Legacy and Cancer is a Drag — our clients don’t let the “C” word scare them in the slightest!

Though many associate the month of October with the colours of autumn such as reds, yellows, and oranges, here at Garment Printing it’s all about pink—especially when it comes to our t shirt printing! Named International Breast Cancer Awareness month, October is when we all wear our pink custom t shirts and ribbons proudly showing that we fully support and are in solidarity with those who are currently battling the disease, those who are supporting and fighting to find a cure, and in remembrance of those who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.  


When one thinks of the word “cancer”, it is often met with fear, sadness, or confusion. Our CEO Gavin Drake is very familiar with this experience, when he was 22 he was diagnosed with BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma), a less serious form of skin cancer, but hearing the words come out from the doctor definitely sticks in his memory.


Fortunately, we at Garment Printing have felt so lucky to have done t shirt printing for clients who have taken the dreaded “C” word and shown them a piece of their mind!  


Sophie’s Legacy  began as a way to remember 34-year-old Sophie Drury who passed away on 5 April 2008 due to ovarian cancer at the Prospect Hospice. The Prospect Hospice provides care and support for over 300,000 people and have made it their duty to make sure that their patients are always feeling the love that they deserve. From the moment she was diagnosed in 1999 to the time of her death, Sophie left everyone in awe at the way she took to the drastic turn her life had just taken. Traveling around the world with her husband both for treatment and for his job, she remained active doing the things she liked like skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with friends and family. After her passing, those close to her did not want her life and efforts to fight cancer go to waste, and so Sophie’s Legacy was formed. We printed custom t shirts for Sophie’s Legacy and hope that it was able to bring joy and inspiration to those who wore them. Participating in various events, reaching out to patients and their families, and raising funds for the Prospect Hospice and Macmillian Cancer Support, Sophie’s Legacy continues the mission that Sophie left for them, and they’re doing it with the same zest and passion for life that their beloved Sophie showed every single day. 


Another client who is taking cancer by the horns is Cancer is a Drag. The charity was created after Diva Vera’s cancer returned and she was reminded of how expensive cancer treatment could be. Not only the treatment, but Diva Vera saw how the little things that one does to maintain a sense of normalcy like purchasing a wig or paying for parking at hospitals started adding up. She then decided that she wanted to do something to raise funds to support the overwhelming costs that cancer patients have to endure once they’ve been diagnosed. Cancer is a Drag was her creative, different, and fun solution this problem. Targeting the Gay Community, the charity’s drag-themed events bring not only smiles and cheer to the faces of all in attendance, but they are also bringing in the much-needed funds for the patients they are supporting. 


Along with partner Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer is a Drag had their launch party at Halfway II Heaven last month, which provided amazing entertainment and raised awareness and money for their cause. We loved seeing the photos of founder Alan as well as the bar staff wearing the custom t shirts we printed for them. The logo is just awesome, don’t you think?? 


“As a growing company our core aim is to give back and help other people, charities, good cause campaigns, small businesses, young entrepreneurs…anyone we can really, and when it comes to charities, check out our special offers for charity t shirt printing, or contact us for more info” comments Gavin Drake, CEO, Garment Printing.





T shirt printing for Sophie’s Legacy and Prosepct Hospice




Alan Bugg of Cancer is a Drag wearing a custom t shirt with their brilliant logo



The bar staff at Halfway II Heaven




The divas supporting Cancer is a Drag

Photos by Ricky Dixon


bar staff


Photos by Ricky Dixon