The Earth Education Project (EEP) Christmas Auction

We recently donated some printed t shirts to this charity. At garment we always try to help out where we can. See below, join in the event or donate online. Every little counts…

THE EEP Christmas Auction is 1 week away – on Friday November 23rd at Kensington Roof gardens, London. 7pm-10pm

The Earth Education Project (EEP) is a UK Charity providing women who live on a rubbish dump, La Chureca, in Nicaragua with education, employment opportunities and a brighter future.

Our workshop trains women with practical art skills in recycling scrap paper by hand and to produce one off works of art on cards, books and bags. We sell these products to provide education, fair wages, health programmes, food, school support and hope.

Our cards are not like any other card; they create a new life for the women who make them.  You can support these women by buying any of our paper products or donating to our programmes.

Come along to our annual Christmas auction to support women and lift their families out of poverty. There will be food, music, raffles and of course some brilliant auction prizes to win.

Find out more about these here


Earth Education Project Secretary 
Empowering Women in Nicaragua with Education, Employment and Hope