Galleries, Photographers & Artists

Interested in creating some extra income from your art and expand your reach?

Perhaps you have a gallery or creative space that could generate extra revenue by selling your niche brand to new and long-term visitors?

Garment Printing can help:

  1. We'll set up your free web store.
  2. Print your designs on demand and ship directly to your customer.
  3. High-quality tote bags, garments and accessories available.
  4. Using the latest in printing techniques we produce your design with picture perfect accuracy.
  5. Excellent offers and discounts available

Sell Your Designs Online

A free web store is a perfect and easy way to generate some extra income. At Garment Printing, we'll create your own online store - stocking your designs, printed on a range of quality garments and accessories.

Having an online web store allows you the freedom to sell as many designs as you like, printed onto products of your choosing. You will have a space to sell to both existing and future customers, our staff will help you manage the store so you can concentrate on what you do best - creating more designs.

Customisable Clothing

We have a huge range of garments to choose from, including T-Shirts, jumpers, hoodies and more - we can accurately reproduce your designs onto the products you need.

Need something else? We can print your designs onto a wide variety of accessories - such as tote bags, pens, mugs, posters - giving you the opportunity to appeal to all and get your art and business out there.

Express Printing Services

Idea creation isn't easy and keeping up with orders can be distracting. At Garment Printing, we take the hassle out of managing stock by receiving your orders, printing the products and dispatching them directly to your customers. At the end of each month, we'll send you over your profit. It's as easy as that.

Direct To Garment Printing

We have multiple print and embroidery houses across the UK, equipped with advanced, state of the art machinery. This allows us to meet your demand and deadlines while providing the best possible printing for your customers. We aim always for picture perfect results, using your specifications with Pantone matching to ensure premium quality prints.

Raise Money by Selling Online

We operate with price break rules - as your portfolio and sales grow, so does you discount. The more your store sells the greater we can offer you back. Whether you're interested in setting up a free webstore or looking to bulk buy for your next show or exhibition, we have a number of offers which can help you expand your reach, create extra revenue and save on your printing costs.

Our friendly staff are on hand to discuss how our services can help your business. We can talk you through your artwork ideas and how you may want to showcase these on your own online store.

Interested? If you're looking to earn some extra money via the means of your art or small business now, get in touch with Garment Printing to get started!