Here we take a look at some of the best DTG printing machines available.

At Garment Printing, we work with some of the best DTG printing machines around. Are you looking to buy a DTG printing machine? Look no further - At Garment Printing, we are the experts in both using these machines and helping you buy the right machine for your business.


Aeoon DTG KYO Series:

Aeoon KYO Series Direct to Garment Printer

Aeoon Technologies offer the KYO series, providing digital product on an industrial scale. It's capable of producing high-resolution printing which opens up a host of new design possibilities. The machine can achieve speeds of up to 800 printed T-Shirts per hour in A4 print format, in perfect quality.

Digital ink jet printing was once consigned for low volume or novelty production, but thanks to the engineering of this new technology, it has become a mainstream production method for garment decoration. The new machine design supports CMYK and white pigment ink for a wide variety of garments and mixed fibres and CMYK sublimation ink for direct printing onto polyester fabrics and transfer papers.

You can read more information about the Aeoon DTG KYO series by downloading the data sheet here.

 Aeoon DTG Compact Series:

Recently released at FESPA 2016, this machine boasts a print speed of up to 950 T-Shirts per hour in A4 print format in perfect quality. This makes it a serious contender for the title of "the fastest DTG machine on the market".


Texjet Plus Advanced Direct To Garment (DTG) Printer:

Polyprint TexJet Plus Advanced Direct to Garment Printer

TextJet Plus Advanced Printer is the ideal solution for low entry level to medium level production. A unique combination of hardware, software, and inks which have been designed and produced by experts which make garment printing easy, fast and profitable.

The TexJet Plus Advanced can stay idle with the power off for 30 days, allowing for low maintenance and little ink wastage. The TexJet Plus Advanced Direct to Garment Printer has been designed to be the most reliable and easy-to-use DTG printing system in the market.

If you're looking to produce professional, digital prints directly on garments while keeping the inks and maintenance costs down, the TexJet Plus Advanced is the ideal solution. It's able to print up to 60 white T-Shirts per hour and 20 dark T-Shirts per hour. White ink performs at its best due to the closed loop ink system, which keeps the white ink fresh and clean from dust or evaporation and minimising maintenance costs.

It's the ideal solution if you're looking to start out in the Direct To Garment printing industry or if you're looking at expanding your current printing options.

For more information about the TexJet Plus Advanced Direct to Garment Printer, you can download this here.

 TexJet Shortee:

Polyprint TexJet Shortee Direct to Garment Printer

The TexJet Shortee is capable of producing 80 white printed T-Shirts per hour and 28-hour dark printed T-Shirts per house.

It's designed so that it can print on textiles which include cotton, polyester, polyester / cotton blends, linen, viscose, and leather. It offers a print resolution of up to 1440 DPI and has a maximum print size of 320 x 450mm.

The Shortee is the perfect entry level printer thanks to its low running costs, single pass printing CMYK and white and it's easily interchangeable magnetic platens.

For more information about the TexJet Shortee, you can download this spec sheet.


An industry leading Direct To Garment machine manufacturer, Kornit has developed an integrated pre-treatment process allowing reduced production time and costs.

Their unique Neo Pigment ink solution offers incredible finishes and they have machines available for all business sizes, from mid-level entry all the way up to mass production industrial level machines.

Kornit Storm 1000:

Kornit Storm 1000 DTG Printer


  • An uninterrupted flow of ink decreases nozzle clogging, eliminates purging, reduces direct / indirect costs and ink waste and improves total cost of ownership.
  • Increased system uptime, reduced maintenance, improved system performance and utilisation.

Fast pallet exchange:

  • Pallet replacement in seconds.

Humidity control system:

  • Humidity controlled environment for consistent and optimal printing.

The Kornit Storm 1000 is ideal for promotional T-Shirt printing and mass production. It offers accelerated production speed and volume, unparalleled print quality, fast turnaround and high profitability.

It provides you with supreme high-quality and high-speed at a low-cost. Built for 24/7 operation, the Storm 1000 will dramatically boost your print output without sacrificing quality.


Kornit Breeze:

Kornit Breeze Direct to Garment Printer

The Kornit Breeze is compact, robust and engineered to combine high-end technology with performance. It's engineered specifically for small to mid-sized commercial T-Shirt printing businesses and to provide you with affordable printing. The Kornit Breeze is designed to be compact and it has automatic pretreatment, degassing and maintenance systems integrated.

The Kornit Breeze is the perfect Direct To Garment solution for new or expanding businesses who are looking to enter the digital T-Shirt and garment print market.

 Kornit Paradigm II:

Kornit Paradigm II Direct to Garment Printer

The Paradigm II by Kornit is an add-on solution which is specifically engineered to give your screen printer the ability to print digitally onto textiles. This allows you to expand your traditional screen printing equipment (both Carousal or Oval) into a digital screen printing machine which allows you to reap the benefits. By getting the Paradigm II you're increasing your capability to produce dark garment applications, variable data combinations, complicated four-colour processes, spot combinations and pure digital applications for short runs.

 Kornit Storm II:

Kornit Storm II Direct To Garment Printer


  • Developed specifically for high-volume production
  • 1.5-litre bulk ink system for uninterrupted operation capability
  • Dual-pallet set up for non-stop productivity
  • Large print areas of up to 20 x 28 in / 50 x 70 cm for XXL garments and cut pieces

The Kornit Storm II is the perfect digital direct to garment printer which answers all of your needs when it comes to a high-volume production printing business. It's been designed to accelerate your production speed and volume and you will enjoy unparalleled print quality, extremely fast turnarounds, and high profitability.

Efficiently and cost-effectively attain your optimal printing results with this high-level Direct To Garment printer.

 Kornit Hexa:

Storm Hexa DTG Printing Machine


Ink recirculation mechanism

  • An uninterrupted flow of ink decreases nozzle clogging, eliminates purging, reduces direct / indirect costs and ink waste, improves total cost of ownership.
  • Increased system uptime, reduced maintenance, improved system performance and utilisation.

Fast pallet exchange:

  • Pallet replacement in seconds

Humidity control system:

  • Humidity controlled environment for consistent and optimal printing

The Kornit Hexa provides you with a 6-colour direct-to-garment printing solution which is ideal for sports and licensing franchises.

It creates brilliant, vivid CMYK and Red and Green colour combinations which mean that it can easily reproduce the colours of any sports team and accurately match any corporate logos. The unique, single-step printing solution improves your print quality which reduces your maintenance ink consumption.

 Kornit Avalanche:

Kornit Avalanche Direct to Garment Printer


  • Fastest print speed on both light and dark garments - up to 300 light A4 garments per hour
  • 24/7 non-stop
  • 24 spectra Polaris print heads with 256 nozzles each

The industrially engineered Kornit Avalanche is optimised for your digital mass-production needs. It easily surpasses the high-quality, high-speed and low-cost printing demands of the printing market and is Kornit's fastest industrial T-Shirt and garment printer. It is specifically tailored to provide you with supreme print quality, outstanding accuracy and exceptional consistency.

The robust dual-pallet printer features a dual-bridge system with integrated humidity controls to give it a non-stop production workflow and enables parallel file loading and printing. It features dual-pallets, 1.5-litre bulk ink system, automatic maintenance and pretreatment systems which mean that it's built for 24/7 operation.

Kornit Avalanche DC Pro:


  • Exceptionally fast print speed on both light and dark garments - up to 200 light A4 garments per hour.
  • Discharge ink for printing discharge pieces
  • 24/7 non-stop production workflow with dual-bridge system enabling true parallel printing
  • 23.5 x 35 in / 60 x 90 cm print area for XXL garments and cut pieces

The Avalanche Pro is Kornit's version of the Avalanche which answers the call of the fashion market. It features additional print heads and an integrated discharge system which products an unprecedented hand feel and allows digital garment printers to enter the fashion industry.

With the Avalanche DC Pro, you can take advantage of having full control over discharge combinations with white ink. With Kornit's integrated discharge T-Shirt and garment printing system, this choice gives you the freedom to print up to XXL and cut pieces using full discharge, discharge in combination with white ink or regular DTG printing.

 Kornit Vulcan (To be launched soon):

Kornit Vulcan Direct To Garment Printer

The Kornit Vulcan is Kornit's response to the challenges set by mass customisation. It's designed to meet the major trends of mass customisation in both cost-efficiency and productivity. The Vulcan is able to produce up to 250 high-quality garments per hour with dark and light garments both printed at the same speed.

The Vulcan can produce photorealistic quality and features 60 new-generation print heads with an advanced recirculating ink system in a six-colour-plus-white configuration. The Vulcan is designed for multiple print sizes and configurations with a maximum print size of 70 x 100 cm / 27.5 x 39.5 in.

To find out more about Kornit's range of printers you can download the spec sheets here.