Zipt are a unique company who offer a patented t shirt design that consists of the highest quality cotton material and a zip up the middle of the garment. Their t shirts are excellent and ideal for post-workouts given their simplicity of removal. You can wear the Zipt t shirt with the zip all the way up or half down, it’s up to you. Take them off without messing up your hair!

Printing Technique:
Direct to Garment Printing

Zipt found themselves searching for a direct to garment (DTG) digital t shirt printing and customised clothing company located in London, United Kingdom. They desired a company that could DTG digital print over t shirts and garments with zips, a service which many DTG digital printing houses fail to offer. Zipt were impressed by the fact that we could meet their needs by offering the services they were looking for.

We were able to meet Zipt’s DTG digital t shirt printing customised clothing order by possessing years of expertise in the business and using to the best and highest quality equipment available. The majority of competitors and printing houses do not have our experience or machinery to carry out a job like this.
Our DTG digital printing fleet consists of the Brother GT-541, GT-782, and the Kornit Breeze 921.

“Garment printing has provided top quality DTG printing where other companies fail to offer a service. Rather impressively, they are able to print over zips, too. Prices are good, and the service is excellent” - Robiul Ahmed, Zipt


Direct to Garment Printing for Zipt

Direct to Garment Printing for Zipt